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I am a professional editor and have been a very active writer in a variety of capacities throughout my adult life.  I recently wrote Steve Hinchy – a Tribute (a biography), Watson Ferguson & Company, 2020 and co-authored The Effective Leader, Harper Collins, 2002.

I have edited 27 manuscripts across all genres: children’s historical adventure, management, personal development, adult thriller, commercial fiction, documentary script editor. I have written, developed or edited: reports for the Parliament and  various Governments, strategic business plans, business performance reports, statutory reports, Ministerial and Prime Ministerial speeches and proposals for joint ventures.   

Ian Mathieson BA, BEc, GAICD, Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors.



My role is to advise and assist authors to prepare their MS for submission to a publisher. I’m careful not to impact the author’s plot or characters nor to alter their ‘voice’, but I do assist authors in clarifying their ‘voice’ for the MS.

Good editors may be likened to those crystal-clear prisms which form a vital part of a pair of binoculars. They are not there to change the view or change the scene but to make it clearer and closer.

Peter Ryan, Director, Melbourne University Press


I add value in fiction (for adults, young adults or children), family histories, illustrated childrens, self-help and personal improvement genres, and in business proposals, and business or government reports.

You may elect for one or all of these three elements of editing, for your MS:

Structural Edit includes:

  • effectiveness of structure
  • flow and narrative
  • language and style
  • clarity.

Copy Edit includes:

  • use and consistency of language
  • punctuation and grammar
  • references and facts
  • overall conformity and consistency.

Proofreading includes:

  • proofing, checking
  • checking formatting
  • checking conformity of style
  • reviewing completeness, internal integrity.

What authors say about Ian

My editor Ian Mathieson made sure my work said what I intended and brought logic, flow and clarity to the manuscript. He also has a keen eye for commas and apostrophes and his editing has added a deeper dimension to The Book of Hope.

Vicki Bennett,
The Book of Hope,
Boolarong Press, 2019.

Gabriël Moens

Naturally, the publication of a novel is a team effort. I would like to mention the incalculable editorial assistance provided by Ian Mathieson, whose editing enabled me to sharpen the language and plot of the novel and undoubtedly protected me against some linguistic blunders.

Gabriël Moens
A Twisted Choice A COVID-19 novel
Boolarong Press 2020


Maggie Baker

I have just made a list of all my stories and poems that you chose to publish in our Carindale Writers Group Anthology, 20/20 Vision Stories

I am firstly astounded that you found so many worthy of inclusion. I am also very grateful for the untold hours you must have spent putting into editing, not just my own work, but in pulling this entire tome together.

Would you please accept my most humble ‘Thank You’ for yours is a gift bigger than you could ever imagine.

Maggie Baker
20/20 Vision Stories
Carindale Writers Group 2020

Steve Hawe

Special thanks to Ian Mathieson for gamely tackling a ‘dog’s breakfast’ and also for ‘getting’ it. In the editing of The Eagles he patiently smoothed the lumps and bumps inherent in the complexities of a parallel storyline, whilst retaining ‘voice’. His was a gentle but firm guiding hand.

Steve Hawe
My Time of Eagles
Watson Ferguson 2020


Dan Kelly

Ian Mathieson has edited several books published by Boolarong Press. For some of these, he was commissioned directly by the author and for eight, by Boolarong Press.  

Ian has demonstrated a high level of skill and care in his work. He consistently receives favourable comments from the authors with whom he works. We’ve found that he helps writers make their words work and he explains writing concepts and editing decisions well, even the difficult or challenging edits. Yet he remains invisible in the final product; an essential in editing. 

Finally, I find that Ian is comfortable and reliable working within timelines, which is often very important to us as publishers.

Dan Kelly, General Manager
Boolarong Press

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Each manuscript is highly individual. I will need to gather information about you, your preferences and the manuscript in order to provide a fee proposal.

If you have a great story to tell, send me the following: a little about your book and why you’re the one to write it, your bio (which tells me who you are), the first ten pages of your book pasted in the body of your email. Include the title in the subject line.

I will provide a free assessment and let you know where we could go from there.