The Effective Leader; how to balance your mind, body and spirit at work, and at home, Ian Mathieson & Vicki Bennett, 2002, Harper Collins,

Leadership, mindfulness
A successful leader accesses a wide range of strengths and skills. But the great quest of our age is to bring balance into our lives. How do we bring our professional and personal worlds into balance and provide effective leadership to ourselves as well as others (at work, in our communities, in our families). The Effective Leader focuses on the total person, and offers ideas and techniques we can apply in all aspects of our life.

Steve Hinchy, a tribute to a true rowing friend, Ian Mathieson, 2020, Boolarong Biographies,


Dr Steve Hinchy had an illustrious career spanning from 1964 to 2020, in all facets of rowing in Australia and internationally. He worked as Team Doctor and Team Manager for Australian crews ant many international rowing competitions including Olympics and World Championships. He held most officer positions in Rowing Queensland and Rowing Australia, is a Life Member of Commercial rowing Club, Rowing Queensland and Rowing Australia and was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 1994.